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      VOCH 2.0 Smart Watch

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      VOCH 2.0 Smart Watch


      Let's face it, branded smartwatches are without question overpriced. You'll find that a high-quality smart watch such as the Voch 2.0 has it all, without costing you an arm or leg. 

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Wow, is this a great piece of kit or what! I’ve been looking at smartwatches for a while, deciding which one will be my first. I looked at expensive, branded ones, and they were alright. Yet this one had it all without putting a gaping hole in my pocket! And it has everything!”
      - Daniel F.


      Bluetooth function means after connecting the VOCH 2.0 with your phone, you’re able to directly dial the phone number on the screen. Equipped with smart notifications where all app messages received through your mobile are displayed on the Voch, you won’t miss any important information. A long-lasting, powerful 180mAH battery will make sure of it.

      IP67's waterproof function ensures the VOCH 2.0 is strong and durable to compensate for activities such as swimming, running, skiing, and practically any given conditions sports and activities have. Health tracking means you can record daily steps or runs, calorie consumption, heart rate, sleep time, and even blood oxygen. You name it, the VOCH 2.0 has it. Of course, your data will be synchronized to your phone to help create a scheduled routine to meet health goals. 


      The VOCH 2.0 allows music and camera control, weather display, reminders, and alarm clock - essentially almost all the key functions your mobile has to offer. Having the “find phone” function is a real life-saver for when your mobile has been misplaced or even stolen! Convenience is key. 

      A customized watch face means all customers desired designs are achieved, some prefer traditional watch faces while others prefer digital, the Voch has more options than you’ll be able to choose from (150+ choices). A high-texture metal watch frame with 1.69 TFT will bring an excellent visual experience—even a customized watch face of desired images. 

      Seamless Replacement Charger

      Elevate your VOCH 2.0 experience with our genuine replacement chargers. Designed for seamless compatibility, ensure uninterrupted power for your smartwatch. Stay connected, track your health, and enjoy all features hassle-free. Order now for a reliable charging solution tailored to your VOCH 2.0, replacing your recently lost or broken charger.


      VOCH 2.0 Features:

      ✔️ 1.69” 240x280 Display

      ✔️ Touch Screen 

      ✔️ Exercise, Heart Rate, and Sleep Monitoring 

      ✔️ IP67 Waterproof

      ✔️ Music Playback

      ✔️ Real-Time Notifications

      ✔️ Customisable Watch Faces

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      📦 Package Includes 📦:

      1 x VOCH 2.0 Functional Sports Watch

      1 x Magnetic Charger


      By purchasing VOCH 2.0 Smart Watch by Irish Supply, you're buying domestically. That's why you'll enjoy all the benefits of domestic shopping: 

      - FREE expedited shipping (tracking included)

      - 14 Days no questions asked return policy 

      - Dedicated 24/7 customer service to address all queries