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    SliceBoard™ Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor

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    SliceBoard™ Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor

    Discover Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor™: The most complete kitchen tool to supercharge your meal preps, reduce piles of dirty dishes, and so much more!

    Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Cutting Board Scissor/ kitchen knife-Penguin Pick

    5-in-1 Multi Tool - A knife, a cutting board, a peeler, a fish scale remover and last, but not least, a corkscrew. Perfect for indoor use as well as camping or backyard BBQs, Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor™ is quite literally a wholesome kitchen arsenal for any occasion.

    Cut Directly to the Dish - Because the knife and the cutting board work like a scissor, you can literally cut veggies and meat straight into the dish, whether it be a bowl, a frying pan, or anything else.

    Super Hard Stainless Steel - Made of premium quality, medical grade steel alloy, Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor™’s razor-sharp knife edges will glide through even the toughest foods as if they were pudding.

    Safety Grip - With an ergonomic non-slip handle that guarantees a firm grip, Omnichef™ makes it safer to cut and peel faster, without compromising comfort or precision.



    2 in 1 Stainless Steel Clever Cutter


    Multi-functional Kitchen Scissor ™ Features Summary:

    ✔️ 5-in-1 Multi Tool

    ✔️ Ergonomic Safety Grip

    ✔️ Stainless Steel Knife

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