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    SEATMESH Car Net Pocket

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    SEATMESH Car Net Pocket
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Super useful! I use it to hold my handbag instead of leaving it on the seat/windshield. Great for folders, phones, and other stuff. Also great when I’m driving my kid and our dog to the park, knowing they’re safe in the backseat and that neither of them will try to hop onto the front seat!”

    - Mia W.

    ✔️ Fit your handbag, cell phone, groceries, and other on-the-go stuff
    ✔️ All your stuff at hands’ reach—no mess on the backseat or dashboard
    ✔️ Keep kids & pets from trying to hop over to the front

    Keep Your Car Neat & Your Stuff At Hand’s Reach

    SeatMesh is an over-the-seat car mesh net to keep your handbag and other stuff off the seats. Create a barrier to keep kids and pets safe & sound in the backseat.

    • Drive safer without turning around to reach the backseat
    • Dispose of bottles and snack bags temporarily without the mess
    • Super easy to install & remove—just remove the snap straps


    ✔️ Snap-Straps for Super-Easy Installation
    ✔️ See-Through for Kids & Pets On the Backseat
    ✔️ Strong, Durable, Tear-Resistant Mesh

    Elevate your car interior & Save 40%

    ✓ Keep Stuff At Hand’s Reach
    ✓ Drive Safer & Better Organized
    ✓ No More Mess On the Seats

    📦 Package Includes:

    1 x SeatMesh Car Net Pocket

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    Forget about dealing with cluttered space around the gear shifter and the cowl with SeatMesh:

      • No More Reaching to the Back Seat
      • Improved Driving Safety
      • The Perfect Kids / Pets Barrier
      • Temporary Trash Disposal

    14 day money-back guarantee

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