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    Hair Braiding Tool 3pcs

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    Hair Braiding Tool 3pcs

    Have you ever seen that girl with the perfect French braid in her hair and wondered how she did it? Did she pay a stylist at a salon? Did she learn the technique in a beauty school? Chances are she owns this Hair Braiding Tool!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I bought these for my little girl’s hair. She always wants her hair braided like a little girl across the street and I don’t know how to braid so this little tool Makes it easy to throw up her hair in a braid anytime she wants it.”

    - Tokio W.

    ✔️ Easy to use
    ✔️ Suitable for girls or women
    ✔️ For any hair type such as: straight, curly, thick, or fine
    ✔️ Good for going party or banquet Brings you a new hairstyle in seconds
    ✔️ A practical styling tool that can help you braid all kinds of vintage hairstyles easily

    Doing French braids is just a piece of cake! 🤩

    Create your very own beautiful French braids with this unique, easy-to-use hair styling tool. This tool stays hidden within the braid and holds hair in place.

    • Helps to braid all kinds of vintage hairstyle as easy as tying shoelaces
    • Perfect for all hair types - straight, curly, thick, fine, and more
    • Twist and tuck to turn your messy long hair into a beautiful braid
    • Elegant hairstyle for attending special occasions
    • Stable, painless, and comfortable all-day wearing


    ✔️ Practical Styling Tool — Effortlessly braid your own hair into beautiful styles without help or additional tools. Instructions provided.
    ✔️ 2 Braid Styles — Comes in two versions for creating different kinds of stylish braids.
    ✔️ Secure Grip — Clips with gripping teeth securely attach the braiding tools onto your hair without pain or damage.
    ✔️ Lightweight Feel — Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you’ll barely notice they’re there.
    ✔️ Subtle Color — Available in black color that easily blends with your hair for an invisible look.
    ✔️ For All Occasions — Style your hair into beautiful braids perfect for casual wear and special occasions.

    Twist your hair into easy beautiful braids!

    ✔️ Brand New & High quality
    ✔️ Brings you a new hairstyle in seconds
    ✔️ Easy and convenient to carry and use

    How to use:
    1. Take a piece of hair from the top of the head and feed it into the first two loops of the hair braiding tool
    2. Take a piece of hair from one side, and cross it over top of the hair braiding tool and feed it into the next loop
    3. Take a piece of hair from another side of the head and cross it over the hair braiding tool and feed it into the next loop down on the hair braiding tool
    4. Continue down and fill each loop of the hair braiding tool with even pieces of hair from alternating sides of the head.
    📦 Package Includes:

    3 x Hair Braiding Tool (Black)

    Material: Plastic

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