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    GLOWCAT Kitty Mirror

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    GLOWCAT Kitty Mirror

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”I just glanced at this cute looking mirror before buying it for my daughter, but when it arrived, I had to get one for myself because I loved it, and she’s still not great at sharing. Having branches to hang your trinkets is great, the lighting helps you see how you’ll really look even during the evening, and best of all, the magnet in the stand 
    makes it easy to move around.”

    -Zaina S.

    Make Your Room Look Adorable With This Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror!

    Even though you love your old mirror, it seems like it doesn’t always show the subtle nuances? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

    When you spend a full hour doing your makeup, there’s nothing worse than being unable to see what you actually look like! And not having a place to put your trinkets when you’re doing makeup? Ugh.

    This cute kitty mirror features a built-in ring light, so your makeup result will always be authentic!

    GlowCat is a mirror that’ll make you excited about doing your make up, and that’ll illuminate you perfectly, all while giving you a place to hang your accessories.


    Compact in size, the GlowCat LED lit mirror is perfect for any table or stand. Using it in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room is a joy. Carrying everything you need with it? Well that’s an extra!


    With its built-in LED lights, controlled by a touch sensor, GlowCat makes sure you’ll see the real picture of yourself, so you’ll look stunning in all the pictures that people will take of you. 


    The three arms on the GlowCat mirror have been designed to place and divide your trinkets, so you’ll be quick to see which ones work best for you, so you compliment your make-up perfectly!

    GlowCat Modular LED Mirror Feature:

    ✓ Class leading LED ring Light

    ✓ Accessory holders; arms designed for accessories

    ✓ Makes for a great table light

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    ✓ Take Your Make Up Room To Any Room 

    ✓ See Precise Pallet Colors On Your Skin

    ✓ Have Your Accessories Readily Available 

    1 x GlowCat Corrosion remover

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