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    GoFlask™ All-In-One Infuser

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    GoFlask™ All-In-One Infuser

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’m one of those people that don't really like standing in lines at coffee shops, and who think paying $5 for a cup of tea is ridiculous. I like to make my own stuff, and I was thrilled when I saw how convenient this flask is. Not only does it look good in my hand, but I can just pop in my herb mix and get out the door, with my tea goodness ready by the time I’m in the street!” 

    - Misha C.

    Relish In Your Tea Or Coffee At Home Or Take It On The Go

    Your favorite coffee blend or your favorite tea is one of the most important parts of your day, but you can’t get them anywhere?

    Luckily, with this easy-to-carry infuser, you’ll always have your favorite warm beverage in hand, made just the way you want it.

    GoFlask™ is a completely portable, easy-to-maintain, beautiful all-in-one infuser that lets you enjoy your perfect tea or coffee blend, brewed to perfection at the exact time you need it.


    With a sieve that ensures that no leaves will get past it, made so you get the best taste of your coffee blend, GoFlask™ will easily brew your refresher. Just fill the sieve with the mix, and the flask with hot water, and turn it upside down when you want your world to come back down!


    Designed with convenience in mind, GoFlask™ boasts a shatter-proof outer layer that lets you see the beautiful color of your herbal mix, and maintains its temperature constant. And if it falls to the ground? Just pick it back up.


    Completely BPA & BPS free, GoFlask™ is dishwasher-safe, and it makes sure that every sip you drink contains only the natural chemicals from your beverage, all in a stain-resistant design that’s completely stain resistant!

    Goflask™ Features:

    ✓ BPA & BPS-Free
    ✓ Shatter-Resistant, Stain-Free Outer
    ✓ Warmth Insulating Inner

    Enjoy Your Warm Beverage & Save 50% With Free Expedited Shipping

    ✓ Prepare Your Infusion Exactly When You Want It 

    ✓ Relish In The Warmth Of Your Mix’s Perfect Temperature

    ✓ Stay Healthy Without Unwanted Chemicals

    1 x GoFlask™️ All-in-One Infuser

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