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    Irish Supply x Irish Santa Partnership 

    In a world brimming with festive cheer and a wide array of choices, how does one truly stand out? 

    This December 1st, we extend a hearty invitation to embark on an adventure that's filled with exclusive rewards to our valued customers.  

    A warm welcome to our partner this December- IRISH SANTA

    Picture this: It's a cold December day in the heart of Ireland. The chimneys are billowing with warmth, and you're cosied up with a steaming cup of tea, browsing through a treasure trove of gifts with a distinctly Irish Santa twist. The Irish Santa is no ordinary character; he's the embodiment of the Irish spirit, and he's gracing our online store to make your Christmas even more special.

    As the story of our Irish Santa unfolds, you'll discover the treasures that awaits for our exclusive 500 members. First come, first served. 

    Here's a peek at what Irish Santa has in store on December 1st. 

    1. Exclusive Discounts & Deals: Irish Santa has brought you the crème de la crème of discounts and deals. These offers aren't just any old bargains; they're the best you’ll find on the market and are highly exclusive! Making your Christmas shopping not only a breeze but budget-friendly for the first time ever too! 
    1. Free Express Shipping: Irish Santa doesn't believe in waiting around; he insists on fast delivery and guarantees it. Orders from Irish Santa’s customers are received in a mere 5-10 days and insurance on orders to arrive before the celebrations- no exceptions. If not? Irish Santa is passed the billings on immediate refunds without an ounce of hesitation. We’re holding him accountable too. 
    1. VIP Customer Support: Irish Santa's workshop takes pride in its exemplary service. As one of our select 500, you'll be granted priority access to our first-rate customer support team, handling all your queries and worries in the blink of an eye.
    1. Free Added Gift: What's Christmas without a few surprises? With Irish Santa, each order comes with a completely free gift to spread even more joy.

    But here's the twist: only 500 spots are up for grabs. It's first come, first served, and the excitement is building fast! Be quick and secure your place in line to unlock this extraordinary Irish Santa Christmas shopping experience.

    This December 1st, the Christmas Spectacle kicks off! 

    Join our recent partnership with Irish Santa and anticipate the magic, wonder, and the kind of joy that only Irish Santa can bring to our beloved Ireland. Subscribe to our email list, and get ready for a Christmas season that's truly memorable. 

    We wish Irish Santa could be available to all our beloved customers but he’s insisted that there’s strictly only room for 500 members to ensure what he’s promised is delivered at an exceptionally high standard. 

    Sound good? Click the button below to join ☘️