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      ScreenClean™ 2-in-1 Phone Cleaner

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      ScreenClean™ 2-in-1 Phone Cleaner

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Wow, so handy, I swear. I hate seeing my phone smudgy, and whatever I use to protect it just makes it even stickier and leaves it even dirtier. When I found this nifty little thing, I was relieved. Now I can carry something super light that keeps my phone clean and tidy. I love it!”

      - Jessica T. 

      Forget A Dirty Phone & Polish Yours Anytime

      Are you sick of seeing your phone covered with smudges and fingerprints? Well, you’re not the only one!

      But with this nifty 2-in-1 cleaner, you’ll be able to clean and wipe your phone!

      ScreenClean™ is a super handy cleaner that’s not only a container for your cleaning liquid but it also serves as a wiping rag. Nifty!


      What’s the best way to combat your phone getting dirty? Having a cleaning aid at hand. And that’s why ScreenClean™ is a perfect companion. Just pop it in your pocket, and your phone will look perfect, no matter where you are!


      ScreenClean™ is excellent for a few reasons. Carrying cleaning liquid anywhere you go is just one of them. And the other? Its very package is made from perfect wiping material!


      Such a neat package has only one limit. It can only hold a certain amount of cleaning liquid. Well fortunately, it’s refillable, so you can continue using it, for the longest time!

      ScreenClean™ Features:

      ✓ 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool

      ✓ Compact Size

      ✓ Refillable

      Keep Your Phone Clean & Save 50% with
      FREE Expedited Shipping

      ✓ Carry Cleanliness Anywhere You Go

      ✓ Clean Your Phone In Seconds

      ✓ Refill It Any Time You Need It

      1 x ScreenClean™ 2-in-1 Phone Cleaner

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