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      ACTIONEYE 1080p Portable Camera

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      ACTIONEYE 1080p Portable Camera

      Capture Every Moment in HD Clarity with ACTIONEYE 1080p Portable Camera

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐  Well made camera, simple and easy to use. You can record video, photos and audio individually or together. Very good performance i recommend it!  
      -Gregory H.

      Stunning HD 1080p Video Quality

      Capture dynamic moments in vivid, smooth high-definition. Whether it’s a bright day or a dimly lit environment, the camera’s low-light true color shooting ensures every detail is recorded clearly. Your videos will showcase every nuance of light and shadow, bringing your memories to life with remarkable clarity.

      Convenient Wireless Control

      With WiFi hotspot connectivity, control your camera effortlessly via a mobile phone app. From taking pictures to recording videos and even playback and deletion, everything can be managed in real-time. This feature ensures you can adjust and perfect your shots on the go, without needing to touch the camera.

      Versatile and Adjustable for Any Scenario

      The 180° pitch angle free adjustment allows you to capture panoramic videos and adjust angles to suit your live broadcasting or shooting needs. It supports both horizontal (16:9) and vertical (9:16) video ratios, making it perfect for any type of content creation. The battery life of 4-5 hours for video and up to 8 hours for continuous recording ensures you won’t miss any important moment.


      ✔️Compact and Lightweight Design Easy to carry and handle during outdoor activities.

      ✔️Noise Reduction Technology Ensures clear audio recording even in noisy environments.

      ✔️Automatically overwrites the oldest footage with new recordings to save storage space.

      ✔️Compatible with various devices and operating systems for seamless connectivity and data transfer.

      ✔️HD 1080p Noise Reduction Camera High frame rate for smooth, detailed videos; excellent in low light.

      ✔️Wifi Hotspot Wireless Control Synchronize and operate via mobile app.



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      1 x ACTIONEYE 1080p Portable Camera