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      ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue

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      ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue

      "Revolutionize Shoe Repairs with ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue!"

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was hesitant to try home shoe repairs until I found ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue. It's a lifesaver for fixing sole separations, making its shoes waterproof and its like part of the shoe making it flexible and durable. Whether it's unexpected rain or a hike, this glue is a game-changer for shoe lovers like me! thanks!
      -Garry O.

      Waterproof and Durable

      Say goodbye to soggy socks and flimsy soles! ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue is a slow-drying transparent shoe repair glue that offers high-strength stickiness, ensuring a tight connection between the sole and upper. Its environmentally friendly formula boasts strong adhesion without turning white or hardening, preserving the integrity of your shoes. Plus, its superior waterproof function and durability mean your repaired shoes can withstand the elements with ease.

      Cutting-edge Design

      Experience hassle-free repairs with ADHESIVEFLEX's innovative design. The hose-like container is ergonomically crafted for precise application, making fine repairs a breeze. Its soft bottle body allows for easy squeezing, minimizing waste and ensuring you can apply the glue exactly where you need it. Whether you're fixing a tiny tear or reattaching a loose sole, ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue offers unmatched control and convenience.

      Easy to Use

      Repairing your shoes has never been easier with ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue. The hose design, coupled with a needle applicator, provides perfect precision and control, even on small or narrow repair surfaces. And with the included sanding strips and rubber bands, you'll have everything you need for a seamless repair process. With a generous 60ml capacity, this high-quality shoe glue can repair over 20 shoes, saving you the hassle and expense of frequent replacements.


      ✔️Slow-drying transparent formula

      ✔️High-strength stickiness

      ✔️Environmentally friendly and waterproof

      ✔️Ergonomic hose design for precise application

      ✔️Needle applicator for fine repairs

      ✔️60ml capacity for multiple repairs



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      1 x ADHESIVEFLEX Shoe Glue