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    EzyPlate Air Fryer Reusable Plates (Set of 3)

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    EzyPlate Air Fryer Reusable Plates (Set of 3)

    Cook and clean without the fuss!

    Make cleaning just as easy as cooking with your air fryer, microwave and oven.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Doesn't it just drive you crazy how hard food is to take off the Air Fryer after frozen goodies?! I knew I had to invest in the EzyPlate set and I'm thankful I did, they fit perfectly in the air fryer and there's absolutely no headache from cleaning afterwards. Great buy, thanks for this
    - Kelly M. 

    EzyPlate Features:

    Heat Resistant Withstanding temperatures up to 464°F (240°C), ensuring durability and safety during cooking.

     Versatile Usage Suitable for air fryers, ovens and microwaves. Offering flexibility in cooking methods.

     Non-Stick Surface Prevents food from sticking for easy removal and cleaning after cooking.

     Environmentally Friendly Reusable design contributes to eco-friendly cooking practices and reduces waste. 

    📦 Package Includes

    3 x EzyPlate Air Fryer Reusable Plates



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