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    AQUALUX Shower Heads with Filter Beads

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    AQUALUX Shower Heads with Filter Beads

    Enjoy a Purified, High-Pressure Shower Experience with AQUALUX Shower Heads

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Read a shocking article on the amount of toxins in household water, that was the motive to buy this filtered shower head as well as other water filters around the house. A very good price for the value added to our home."
    - Keira L.

    Purify Your Shower Water

    Removes chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, and odours from your shower water. The AquaLux is a water purification solution for a cleaner shower experience.

    Customise Your Shower Experience

    Choose from three different shower modes: rainfall, spraying, and massage. A simple rocker switch allows for easy mode selection.

    Save Water 

    The high-power shower head adopts LUV laser drilling technology to save water while maintaining water pressure.



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