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      Clothes Dryer Clamp

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      Clothes Dryer Clamp

      Simply twist-on and dry your clothes wrinkle-free!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This works great in my tiny flat! I’ve been closing off half of the place compared to my regular drying rack, but having this thing gives me so much more space. I just tighten it against my window and put my clothes there, and the natural breeze dries everything off so quickly.”

      - Sean E.

      Forget Slow Drying & Air Dry Clothes Conveniently

      Are drying clothes taking up too much space in your home? 

      But with this clamp dryer, laundry will dry faster than ever, with almost no space used.

      The key benefit you get from this clothes drying clamp is convenience. Using a simple twist-on mechanism, you’ll have your clothes ready in no time. Just find your spot, and twist it on!


      After you tighten this clamp to your window, just use regular hangers to fit clothes in it. When you place them, find the best airflow and voila!


      ✓ Twist-On Design

      ✓ 8 Hanger Spaces

      ✓ Aluminium & ABS Body 

      ✓ Attach It To Your Window Easily

      ✓ Fit Up To Eight Clothing Items At Once

      ✓ Increase Closet Space

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