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    CANERA Bark Stopper

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    CANERA Bark Stopper
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“This is amazing! My German Shepherd used to bark like crazy each time somebody rang the bell, but with this device, she stopped barking the first time and never did it again. Now she just looks at me and approaches the door, it’s like she was trained!!”
    - Lisa G.

    ✅ Dog Training Tool 

    ✅ Stop Barking, Digging & Furniture Chewing Safely & Painlessly

    ✅ Deter Potentially Dangerous Dogs On Walks & Park Runs

    No More Barking, Digging & Chewing Furniture

    Does your dog go  from good boy / girl to hellhound the moment there’s a knock on the door?

    Well, with CANERA you won’t only stop their barking, but also safely disentrance them from digging, chewing furniture or eating unsafe foods!

    This safe & painless ultrasonic bark stopper is all you need to quickly teach your pet better behavior, and instantly stop them from doing nasty stuff before it gets dangerous.

    Instantly Calm Down Your Pet No Matter Their Size!

    Forget about barking at every little noise outside…

    No more putting up with bite marks on the furniture or bending over backwards to pull that thing out of their mouth!

    Regardless if they’re a tiny Jack Russel, a German Shepherd, or a Bullmastiff, they’ll momentarily stop what they’re doing and await instructions the second you use CANERA!


    Deter approaching dogs from attacking on walks. Almost every dog owner has experienced aggression from other dogs during walks, your dog may be a victim or the attacker but usually both at different times!

    Either way, when you carry the Canera with you you're prepared to keep everyone safe at any point, with one press of a button. 

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