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      ESSENTIHOLD Bathroom Essentials Holster

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      ESSENTIHOLD Bathroom Essentials Holster

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is a nifty piece of kit! When I got my bathroom installed, I got it to store my hygiene essentials. Then when the rest of the bathroom came in, I kept it, because it's just so easy to use, and looks so nice. It can also be taken if you go anywhere without any complications!”


      - Mark S. 

      Forget Messy Bathrooms & Store All Your Essentials Easily

      Are you always making a mess with bathroom accessories? You’re not the only one.

      But with this nifty holder, you can store them away where you should be, easily!

      EssentiHold is a convenient holder for all your essentials. It’s compact and has multiple item capacity. You can also carry it easily, and it even has a mirror!


      With its integrated mirror and accessory holders, EssentiHold stores all your basics. Whether you want to store your razor, creams or soaps — it has you covered!


      EssentiHold is great as first aid for holding bathroom essentials. With its minimalistic design and moderate size, it’s always there for you!


      The silicone build of EssentiHold makes it easy to install. And if you need it anywhere else, remove it with a bit of care, and easily place it where you want it!

      EssentiHold Features:

      ✓ Premium Silicone Body

      ✓ Mirror & 3 Holders

      ✓ Easily Relocatable

      Store Your Key Bathroom Accessories & Save 50%
      With FREE Expedited Shipping

      ✓ Solve Your Daily Hygiene Needs

      ✓ Use Compactness In Your Favour

      ✓ Have It In Place Until You Need It Elsewhere

      1 x EssentiHold Bathroom Essentials Holster

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