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      BIFOBLUE Bifocal Filtered Glasses

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      BIFOBLUE Bifocal Filtered Glasses


      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh wow, well, these were a revelation. They help me by filtering all the blue light while I’m on my PC, and they also have this amazing divided lens, which helps me see both near and far. It’s like I can see everything now. They’re truly miraculous! 10/10”
      - Javier S.

      Say Goodbye To The Need For Two Pairs Of Glasses
      Enable Your Eyesight Easily & Comfortably

      Are you tired of using glasses that only help you in a specific circumstance, yet they aren’t enough for you to see from every distance? Well, you’re most definitely not the only one!

      But with these incredible blue light filtering glasses that are precision cut to enable you to see both up close and at a distance, you’ll enjoy seeing everything in front of you.

      BIFOBLUE is a product of an incredibly advanced cutting process that enables you to have your eyes rested due to the sharpness they provide for your eyes. If what you’re looking at is far and or is super close, they help without a hitch.


      Even when you’re wearing glasses to compensate for your vision impairment, they don’t all help the same. Compared to single-focus glasses, BIFOBLUE lenses can help you by providing a clean and clear vision of objects far and near, making them a perfect choice for your everyday life. 


      Blue light filters cancel out the negative effect of screen-radiated blue light. That filter is a crucial staple for people who spend a lot of time in front of different screens. So no matter if you’re spending your days writing articles or drawing buildings on your laptop, the blue light filter on BIFOBLUE will help you work better, for longer!


      If you’re like the overwhelming majority of people that wear glasses, you need to wear them for at least a while every day. That’s why the designers behind BIFOBLUE made them super lightweight, with the addition of comfortable nose pads and ergonomic temples. So comfy, you’ll always want them on!

      BIFOBLUE Features:

      ✓ Bifocal Lens

      ✓ Blue Light Filter

      ✓ Sturdy & Lightweight Body

      Take Your Vision To The Next Level & Save 50% with
      FREE Expedited Shipping

      ✓ Rely On Bifocal Lenses For Incredible Vision 

      ✓ Work Longer With A Blue Light Filter

      ✓ Enjoy Wearing Them Due To Increased Comfort

      1 x BIFOBLUE Bifocal Filtered Glasses

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