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      BUGZAPPER Mosquito Exterminator

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      BUGZAPPER Mosquito Exterminator

      Don't let mosquitoes and flies ruin your outdoor experiences anymore. Invest in the BUGZAPPER Mosquito Exterminator.

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I absolutely love these mosquito zappers the stand is a great addition for setting on the middle of the table, only wish the charge would last longer. We do get a good solid hour of zapping before the charge runs low, but no problem if you always have the backup charging, I highly recommend a great product for the price."
      - Wayne T.

      Enhanced Night Vision

      The curved light design provides a fully lit area for optimal visibility. Additional pointer light enables clear vision up to 50 meters

      Reliable Pest Control

      2500-volt grid instantly eliminates flies, mosquitoes, and pests upon contact. Specially designed blue light attractant lures insects for effective eradication

      Versatile and Portable

      Perfect for camping trips, barbecues, and outdoor activities. Super bright LED light allows usage in low-light conditions


      ✓ Powerful 2500-volt grid for immediate pest elimination

      ✓ Blue light attractant to draw insects towards the racket

      ✓ Curved light design for comprehensive illumination

      Package Includes

      1 x BUGZAPPER Mosquito Xterminator

      1 x USB Charging Cable (100mm)


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