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      CLEARPURE Water Purifier

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      CLEARPURE Water Purifier

      Enjoy Pure, Refreshing Water Anytime, Anywhere

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I tested the water from tap and from the pitcher and it makes a difference. It is a different flavor which took me a minte to get used to but it’s good love it!
      -Rachel O.

      Continuous Clean Water Supply

      Say goodbye to constant refills! The CLEARPURE Water Purifier boasts a generous 3.5L/14-cup capacity, coupled with a powerful 2.0L filtration system. Whether you're hosting guests, hydrating a sports team, or simply enjoying daily use, this pitcher ensures a consistent supply of clean, filtered water without the hassle of frequent refills. Perfect for households, offices, restaurants, and more.

      Advanced Filtration Technology

      Experience the difference in taste and quality with our advanced 4-stage filtration system. Designed to eliminate harmful substances like fluoride, chlorine, lead, and dirt, our high-quality filters ensure you enjoy pure, healthy drinking water every time. In just 6 minutes, you'll have 2.0L of crisp, clean water, free from impurities that compromise taste and safety.

      Convenient Design for Easy Use

      Effortlessly enjoy alkaline water with our ergonomically designed handle and easy-fill locking lid. The intuitive timer feature keeps track of your filter's life expectancy, providing timely reminders for hassle-free maintenance. Measuring at 116.510 inches (LWH), this compact water purifier fits perfectly in your refrigerator or on your countertop, maximizing space efficiency without sacrificing functionality.


      ✔️Large 3.5L/14-cup capacity

      ✔️ 3 extra high-quality 4-stage filters

      ✔️Ergonomic handle and easy-fill locking lid

      ✔️Reminder timer for filter replacement

      ✔️Compact design fits easily in refrigerator or on countertop

      ✔️Quick filtration process: only 6 minutes to produce 2.0L of clean water



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      1 x CLEARPURE Water Purifier