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      CLOGCRUSHER Clogged Plunger

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      CLOGCRUSHER Clogged Plunger

      Effortlessly Eliminate Blockages with the CLOGCRUSHER Clogged Plunger

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I was scared at first because I thought it would pump water up but whatever it did worked and it was extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it!  
      -Robert B.

      Efficient Clog Removal

      Say goodbye to stubborn blockages with the CLOGCRUSHER. This powerful plunger effectively clears clogs by sealing the pipe and using forceful pumping action. It quickly dislodges debris, ensuring your pipes remain clear and functional. Whether it's a toilet, sink, or bathtub, the CLOGCRUSHER tackles all kinds of drainage problems with ease, restoring smooth water flow in no time.

      Versatile Application

      The CLOGCRUSHER is designed for versatility, making it suitable for various fixtures. From toilets and squat toilets to kitchen sinks, floor drains, and bathtubs, this plunger is compatible with pipe diameters ranging from 20-80mm. Its wide application ensures you can handle any clog in your home, saving you time and stress. With the CLOGCRUSHER, you’re equipped to handle any drainage issue that comes your way.

      User-Friendly and Durable Design

      Experience hassle-free clog removal with the CLOGCRUSHER's ergonomic design. Featuring a humanized handle, metal pumping rod, and high-quality rubber sealing plug, it ensures no splashing and prevents hand injuries. The plunger is easy to clean after use just rinse with clean water. Its multi-layer linkage joint allows for use at various angles, providing flexibility and convenience. The CLOGCRUSHER is built to last, offering reliable performance every time.



      ✔️Strong air flow to clear blockages effectively

      ✔️Ergonomic handle for comfortable use

      ✔️High-quality rubber sealing plug for a secure fit

      ✔️Metal pumping rod for durability

      ✔️Suitable for multiple fixtures: toilets, sinks, bathtubs



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      1 x CLOGCRUSHER Clogged Plunger