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      PRIVA Daytime Seclusion Tint

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      PRIVA Daytime Seclusion Tint

      Experience the transformational benefits of PRIVA and embrace the freedom to live your life without the intrusion of prying eyes.

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This tint eased my mind! Living in a house, I never liked the idea of neighbours seeing what I was doing. But if I use blinds, it gets too dark. That’s why this is so amazing! Apply it, and suddenly, your windows become mirrors to the outside!”
      - Mark D.

      Forget Nosey Peepers & Enjoy Privacy Constantly

      Are you tired of feeling like your privacy is invaded by prying eyes outside your windows? Look no further – PRIVA is here to provide you with the ultimate privacy solution. This innovative coloured film transforms your windows into reflective surfaces, allowing you to enjoy your personal space without worrying about nosy onlookers.

      Reflects Nosey Glares Away

      With PRIVA's reflective properties, you can reclaim your sense of security and peace of mind. During the day, people tend to glance around, but with PRIVA, your home's interior will remain hidden from curious gazes. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable moments of feeling exposed in your own space.

      Provides Complete Daytime Privacy

      Privacy is a fundamental human need, and PRIVA understands that. By offering complete daytime privacy and you can comfortably go about your daily activities without concern, knowing that your space remains shielded from external views.

      Removes Harmful Sun Rays

      In addition to safeguarding your privacy, PRIVA goes the extra mile to protect your health. Harmful UV and infrared rays are filtered out by up to 95%, ensuring a safer indoor environment for you and your loved ones. With PRIVA, you can bask in the natural light without worrying about the potential risks associated with prolonged sun exposure.


      ✔️ Static Cling Application

      ✔️ UV And Infrared Filter

      ✔️ Saves Heat And Energy


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      📦 Package Includes

      1 x PRIVA Seclusion Window Tint ( 17.5 inch by 6.5 feet)