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    DELISH Dog Bathing Lick Mat

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    DELISH Dog Bathing Lick Mat
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “10/10! My puppy was so afraid to get in the bathtub and always tried to leap out. With this lick mat, he’s literally in his zen mode throughout the entire bath, enjoying peanut butter. Bathing him is easier than ever. This is a life hack all dog owners need!
    - Lizzy K.

    ✔️ No more leaping out of the bathtub at the first splash of running water
    ✔️ Keep the puppy tranquil for a more relaxed, more thorough bathing
    ✔️ Turn your dog’s loathsome bath time into a rewarding, enjoyable activity

    Keep Your Puppy Happy and Tranquil During Bath Time

    Does your puppy go nuts trying to leap outside the bathtub? Just lace DELISH with their favorite snack to give them peace of mind and bathe stress-free.

    • Works great with peanut butter, cream cheese & other sauces
    • Sticks onto smooth surfaces such as bathtubs, counters, glass, etc.
    • Raised bone texture to decrease eating speed

    Raised Edges — Prevent food from spreading to keep clean
    Slow-Yum Texture — Raised bone texture to increase snacks duration
    Suction Cups — Sticks onto any smooth surface

    Surprise Your Puppy & Save 40%

    ✔️ Make Bathing Enjoyable and Rewarding
    ✔️ No More Leaping Out of the Bathtub
    ✔️ Less Stress, More Bathing Time
    ✔️ Puppies LOVE It

    📦 Package Includes:

    1 x DELISHDog Bathing Lick Mat

    Material: Medical-Grade Silicone

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    DELISH can be used whenever it’s time to snack, yet its most popular use is for bathing because it makes it so much easier on the puppies while giving the owner more time to bathe the puppies thoroughly:

    • Suction cups that stick onto any surface
    • Smart design to keep it neat and extend snack time
    • Works perfectly with peanut butter, cream cheese & more

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