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    SEALGUARD Stripping Door Seal Strip

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    SEALGUARD Stripping Door Seal Strip

    Say Goodbye Cold Drafts, and Bugs with SEALGUARD.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve had the strips up for a few months and this product has not come loose and is definitely preventing any drafts or cold air from coming into our home. I highly recommend this for anyone having issues with cold air creeping into your home, it works very well.
    - Dylan B.

    Cost-Effective Insulation 

    SEALGUARD Stripping Door Seal Strip is your solution for energy-efficient living. Whether you're battling winter's chill with the heater or staying cool during summer with the AC, this weather stripping tape ensures your ideal home temperature remains constant. It's a simple installation process: clean and dry the surface, cut the tape to the desired length, press it in place, and enjoy the benefits.

    Flexible and Safe

    The SEALGUARD Stripping Door Seal Strip is a game-changer for homeowners seeking to maintain a clean and cosy environment. Crafted from waterproof, flexible silicone – an environmentally friendly material – this sealing strip boasts exceptional durability. Due to its thin and soft composition, it won't disrupt the operation of your doors and windows. Simply trim it to the desired size with scissors and experience its transformative effects.

    Wide Application

    Versatility is key. This ingenious sealing strip finds its place on frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel windows, aluminium windows, closet doors, thresholds, closets, wardrobes, shower bases, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Its transparent colour renders it nearly invisible, seamlessly integrating into your interior décor.


    ✔️ Easily cut to size with scissors

    ✔️ Suitable for various surfaces: glass, wood, metal, granite, plastic, etc.

    ✔️ Effectively seals gaps to prevent cold air, moisture, and pests from entering

    ✔️ Enhances energy efficiency, reducing electric and gas costs

    ✔️ Provides soundproofing benefits, creating a quieter living space

    📦 Package Includes

    1 x Door Seal Strip

    Product Specification

    Color: White/Black/Brown

    Weight: 125g / 225g

    Size: 25 mm (width) to 45 mm (width)


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