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      CLIPPEREASE Electric Pet Nail Sander

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      CLIPPEREASE Electric Pet Nail Sander

      Effortlessly Groom Your Pets with the CLIPPEREASE Electric Pet Nail Sander

      Pet Nail Grinder – Abodetech

      "My Corgi mix hates her nails being trimmed.… many bad experiences at the vets office with nail trimmers. She bites and screams and fights it all the way. I bought this grinder hoping it was quiet enough not to scare her, low on vibration so as to lessen her squirming and an easy way to round her toenail tips so she can walk on tile floors without slipping. It delivered all of that! She lets us trim them ourselves. No more troops to the vet or groomers for nail trims."

      - Ellaine N.

      Safe and Painless Grooming

      The advanced diamond roller grinding head provides the safest and most comfortable pet nail grooming experience.

      User and Pet-Friendly Design

      The advanced motor with whisper mute technology generates minimal vibration, keeping pets calm and enabling faster easier nail grooming.

      Rechargeable and Portable

      The wireless dog grinder is rechargeable, with an indicator light at the bottom that illuminates when charging. The lightweight and ergonomic body design makes it easy to operate and use anywhere.


      ✔ Premium Quality Product 

      ✔ Fine polisher for gentle and safe pet nail grooming

      ✔ Advanced motor with whisper mute technology for low noise and vibration

      ✔ Easy-to-operate, lightweight design with one-button control


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