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      ESQUIRE Heel Cushion Shoe Pad

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      ESQUIRE Heel Cushion Shoe Pad

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “There’s no pain and discomfort I wouldn’t endure just to wear my favorite shoes! They didn’t fit too well but I loved them so much I got them anyway. Even bleeding blisters didn’t stop me from wearing them every day. But with Esquire™, I no longer have to turn a blind eye to pain and discomfort. My Steve Maddens feel as comfortable as orthopedic shoes!”

      -  Mila H.

      Tired of hard nubs in the heel area that make you sacrifice comfort just to wear your favorite shoes?

      Unless you use adhesive patches on your heel or wear double socks, these sharp, hard nubs can cause severe pain and even bleeding if ignored for long periods of time.

      Discover Esquire, and — never have to endure pain & discomfort just to wear your favorite shoes again!

      These cushion shoe pads for the heel area that you can easily insert into any shoe or boot to efficiently prevent chafing and irritation.


      Our Esquire is designed to protect your heel from the hard nub in your shoes so you can wear them comfortably without discomfort & pain.


      If the shoes you bought are slightly bigger than your feet, it causes them to slide every time you walk. With Esquire, you can now wear them without worrying about your foot slipping inside on every step.


      Esquire  pads feature a free-cut design that you can easily adjust and place on any shoes of all sizes and cut the excess if needed.


      Esquire was made from high-quality elastic foam and cotton mesh that makes the pad breathable and durable, so you can wear your favorite shoes without excess perspiration over longer periods of time.

      Esquire Features:

      ✓ Adjustable Free-Cut Design To Fit Any Shoes
      ✓ Breathable & Durable Cotton Mesh 
      ✓ Premium Build To Upgrade Comfort & Minimize Perspiration

      Wear Your Favorite Shoes Pain-Free & Save 50% with FREE Expedited Shipping.
      ✓ Protects Your Heel & Prevent Chafing and Bristles
      ✓ Prevents Slippage - No More Wiggle Room
      ✓ Durable And Breathable, Adjustable To All Shoes Shapes & Sizes

      Package Includes:

      1 x ComfortHeel Heel Cushion Shoe Pad

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