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    KITTYCOMB Cat Hair Remover

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    KITTYCOMB Cat Hair Remover

    Forget Excess Cat Fur & Collect It While Bonding

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh wow, this is just so useful! My kitty is a prime example of a cat that sheds hair daily, and as much as I love it, I hated it sticking to the furniture that much! But with this comb, I give her a gentle rub daily, which keeps the hair away!”

    - Lisa E.

    Collects All Excess Fur

    KittyComb comes to the rescue when your cat is shedding too much hair. Spend just a minute or two combing your cat daily, and watch as excess hair is effortlessly removed in seconds. Say goodbye to those pesky fur balls around your home.

    Desheds Instantly

    After grooming your cat with KittyComb, deshedding is a breeze. Simply press the button, and the comb's base lifts and pushes the collected fur off, allowing for quick and easy disposal. No more struggling with tangled fur or messy cleanup.

    Pampers Your Cat

    Make your cat feel adored with KittyComb. Taking just a minute out of your day to groom your furry friend will not only keep their coat healthy and shiny but also strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Your cat will purr with contentment, enjoying the attention and care.


    ✔️ Anti-Static: Say goodbye to static electricity, ensuring a smooth grooming experience.

    ✔️ Deshedding Mechanism: Effortlessly remove and dispose of collected fur with the push of a button.

    ✔️ 140° Bristle Design: Designed for optimal grooming efficiency, reaching deep into your cat's coat for thorough deshedding.



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