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    PHISHIN Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket

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    PHISHIN Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket
    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Stable, reliable, and super easy to set up. Not only did it enable me to catch more fish by doing less, I feel like I’m sitting laidback and being served by the river as I soak in the sun and let the rods do their thing!

      - Sam W.

      Main Benefits:

      ✔️ Fully Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket, Super Easy to Assemble & Install

      ✔️ Just Set It Up, Kick Back & Be Fishin’ Hands-Free In No Time

      ✔️ All Fishing Rod Types Supported

      ✔️ More Fishing, More Leisure, Less Effort


      Fully Automated Fishing Experience: Kick Back, Relax & Be Fishin’ Hands-Free 

      Easy to set up, straightforward to use, and lightweight for the go, this foldable double-spring fishing pole bracket brings a new layer of leisure to your fishing experience. All the good times that you’re used to, only even more laidback, and even smoother—you can even use multiple PHISHIN’s to automate several fishing rods at once, and collect from all sides, like an eight-handed octopus fishing machine.

      Picture yourself crack-opening a cold one, having just set up three fishing rods in under three minutes, and letting them do the “heavy lifting” for you:

      • Powerful Double-Spring Mechanism For Smooth & Reliable Control
      • Stake-Shaped Stainless Steel, Easy to Set Up Anywhere In Under a Minute
      • Supports All Fishing Rod Types

      Go PHISHIN today & save 40%.

      Invest in an automated, more laidback fishing, and save extra.

      Less Time Micromanaging Your Fishing Rod, More Time Relaxing

      Peace of Mind: Enjoy Hassle-Free Fishing Adventures

      Automate Several Rods & Catch More


      Package Includes:

      1 x SPECTRAL RGB Corner Lamp

      A smoother, more efficient, and more relaxing fishing is just around the corner.

      • Enjoy Hassle-Free Leisure & Recreation
      • No More Special Watches & Empty Staring at the Bobber
      • Automate Your Fishing Efforts to Catch More By Doing Less

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