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    DashGuard Full HD Car Camera

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    DashGuard Full HD Car Camera

    The DashGuard protects drivers from expensive claims on the road.

    Having video proof in case of a car accident acts as insurance from false claims which weren't your fault.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I got this mainly due to a car accident I had in the past, I didn’t have any video proof that I was cut off and the insurance claim cost a fortune. I was looking for a good quality camera to ensure myself and my partner don’t get stung again like this. Thanks Irish"
    -Liam E

    Safety on the Road from Insurance Fraud

    DashGuard captures every detail of your drive in full HD resolution, securing evidence in case of an accident. When it comes to accidents on the road the usual problem other than drivers wellbeing is the Insurance process. Video proof is essential for Insurance claims of vehicle accidents, those who have been unfortunate enough to face this understand the value of this form of evidence. A built-in G-sensor saves emergency videos and locks them to prevent overwriting. Already paying for excess on-top of annual billings is bad enough as it is, add REAL insurance with the DashGuard Camera.

    Improved Night Vision

    DashGuard features a curvature light design that provides a fully lit area in front of you, allowing you to see clearly at night. An additional pointer light feature extends your vision even further, making it ideal for drivers who frequently travel at night.

    Convenient and User-Friendly

    DashGuard is easy to use and offers several features that make it a valuable addition to your driving experience. The auto-ignition boot and turn-off feature means that DashGuard starts recording as soon as you start your car and stops when you turn it off.


    ✔️ High-definition camera and video in 1080P

    ✔️ 140 A+ degree high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens

    ✔️ Built-in G-sensor and motion detection technology

    ✔️ Red charging indicator light for convenience and safety



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