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    DOORSEAL Door Draught Protector & Insect Blocker

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    DOORSEAL Door Draught Protector & Insect Blocker

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I saw two, not one, but two cockroaches straddling beneath my door going back and forth like they were dancing or something. I immediately got this protector (luckily there was a great deal here), so not only did the cockroaches funk off, but I also stopped all smell and noise coming beneath the door as well. Easy to use, super practical!”

    - Marsha T. 

    Say Goodbye To Everything Unwanted Going Beneath Your Door Simply & Efficiently 

    Are you tired of hearing and smelling everything that’s on the other side of your door? You’re constantly on the lookout for insects that easily slip through its bottom? Well, you’re definitely not alone there!

    But with this ingenious door protector, you can rest assured that you’ll completely forget about those problems. You’ll feel at ease in no time!

    Designed specifically to improve the seal between your door and the floor, GapWall prevents everything and anything unwanted from coming into your room beneath the door!


    By completely closing the gap between the floor and the door, GapWall makes sure that you’ll never hear, smell, or see anything going through that crack. No more unwanted smells, no more extra noises, and most importantly, no insects!


    When your doors aren’t sealed, there’s unwanted airflow. When your windows aren’t sealed, there’s even more airflow. When both your door and windows let in air, you have a draft — and it messes up your room temperature completely. By sealing both your doors and windows with GapWall, you’ll keep your room as warm or cool as you like it!


    Everyone’s been annoyed by noise, smells, and bugs so much that they’ve put a rag or a towel to close that crack. And when you open the door? Bend down and do it again. Well no more! GapWall is incredibly easy to install, and most importantly, it stays where you place it!

    Gapwall Features:

    ✓ Fits Doors Up To 36” In Length

    ✓ Seals Doors On Both Sides

    ✓ Quick & Easy Installation 

    Seal The Gap Under Your Door & Save 50% With Free Expedited Shipping

    ✓ Stop Anything That Goes Through Under Your Door

    ✓ Maintain The Ideal Temperature Of Your Room

    ✓ Install Protection You Can Forget About

    1 x GapWall Protector & Blocker

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