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      GLOSPI Glowing Jump Wheel

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      GLOSPI Glowing Jump Wheel

      We have the perfect toy to help kids lay down the electronics and go outside!

      Are you sick of begging your kids to go outside and play? Well the Glospi is selling like hot cakes as you can expect your child to be entertained for hours! 


      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh my! This thing is so fun! We felt so proud when we first saw our toddler jumping over it successfully! It’s great fun for him and his older sister, as it lets them play independently. It’s a nice challenge, and the fact that it glows certainly helps keep our kids engaged!”
      - Freya D.


      Let's face it, technology is detrimental to children. Parent’s know it's not an ideal way to spend their youth. Whether its the phone, xbox or television would you be all in if they spent more time outside and less time as a zombie? 


      Keep kids active like the old days for a childhood full of cherished memories. A childhood consisting of excess screen time is an inevitable future but every parent wants to see their kids experience real activities. Your child will have a blast skipping day in and day out especially if they have energy!


      Coordination and reflex skills come from outdoor activities, it takes time but Glospi turns this process into a fun game! A useful toy to train your future athlete early, just watch them grow with sharper reaction times and move like years beyond their age! 

      Glowing Jump Wheel and MAGICBALL Flying Saucer: Light up your child's outdoor adventures with these mesmerizing toys that encourage active play and deter screen time. Keep kids engaged in healthy activities while they have a blast!


      Glospi Features:

      ✓ Secure Hook Attachment

      ✓ Foamed Ring For Ankle Safety

      ✓ Battery-Free Glow Wheel

      Watch Your Kids Develop Through Fun & Save 50% With FREE Expedited Shipping

      ✓ Provide Rewarding Fun To Kids

      ✓ Develop Children’s Coordination Skills

      ✓ Less Time On Electronics 

      ✓ Sharpen Reflexes & Quicken Reaction Times



      By purchasing Glospi by Irish Supply, you're buying domestic. That's why you'll enjoy all the benefits of domestic shopping: 

      - FREE expedited shipping (tracking included)
      - 14 Days no questions asked return policy 
      - Dedicated 24/7 customer service to address all queries