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    SWINGPRO Golf Game Mat Pad

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    SWINGPRO Golf Game Mat Pad

    Get ready to elevate your golf game and have endless fun with the SWINGPRO Golf Game Mat Pad. It's truly a game-changer!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "This chip and play golf mat is a lot of fun. my son and I love playing with it. This mat is great for indoor and outdoor use. Would definitely recommend would be great for almost any backyard occasion."
    - Jonathan L. 

    Enhanced Practice Sessions

    Conveniently practice golf swings anytime, anywhere. Ample space on the 6-foot play mat for optimal practice. Quick and easy setup for maximising practice time.

    Endless Entertainment

    Turn parties into competitive game show battles. Enjoy 5 exciting game modes for non-stop fun. Hang the game mat on the wall to score points and add a new level of challenge.

    Versatility and Portability

    Practice golf skills in various locations, including office, home, and hallway. Portable and compact design for easy storage and transportation. Ideal travel companion with everything neatly fitting into the Royale Golf Suitcase.

    Superior Quality and Durability

    Experience the blend of performance, durability, and luxury with our golf mat. It's constructed using high-grade, robust materials that can withstand rigorous training sessions and the test of time. The quality of materials used guarantees longevity, reducing wear and tear even with frequent use, offering you an unbeatable golf practice experience.


     ✔ Portable and Easy-to-Use

    ✔ Versatile and Convenient Storage

    ✔ Large 6-foot Play Mat

    ✔ Exciting 5 Game Modes

    ✔ Suitable for All Skill Levels


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    A Suit Inclusions: 1 x SWINGPRO Golf Game Mat Pad, 1 x Simulation Turf, 16 x Golf Balls

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