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      GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool

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      GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool

      Experience Effortless Convenience with the GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ okay this is definitely much sturdier than I thought it picked up the water bottle I dropped it not the clip it has a great grasp on things and it's very sturdy I in fact ordered two more I would definitely highly recommend this and yes it even picked up my rum bottle LOL.
      -Nicholas H.

      Special Design Anti-slip Jaw

      The GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool features an innovative anti-slip jaw design, providing a comfortable grip that's ideal for the elderly. Say goodbye to the frustration of items slipping from your grasp, as the coated jaw ensures a secure hold on smooth or fragile objects like glass or plastic bottles. Additionally, the powerful magnet tip effortlessly attracts tiny metal objects, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.

      Lightweight and Easy to Use

      This grabber tool boasts a lightweight construction and ergonomic design, making it incredibly easy to use for people of all ages. Its versatile pickup tool head allows you to reach into tight spaces and grab items of all sizes and shapes with ease. From picking up papers and toys to clearing leaves and branches in the yard, this tool simplifies tasks and enhances convenience in your daily life.

      32-inch Reach Extender & 360°Rotating Head

      With an impressive maximum reach of 32 inches, the GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool enables you to access areas that would otherwise be out of reach. Its folding design and compact size make it convenient to carry outdoors or store in cabinets, ensuring your living space remains tidy and organized. The 360° rotating head further enhances maneuverability, allowing you to grab items from any angle effortlessly.


      ✔️Special design anti-slip jaw for a secure grip

      ✔️Lightweight and ergonomic handle for easy use

      ✔️81cm reach extender with 360° rotating head

      ✔️Foldable design for compact storage and portability

      ✔️Powerful magnet tip for attracting small metal objects

      ✔️Durable construction for long-lasting performance



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      1 x GRABEZ Folding Grabber Tool