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      HAIRGLOW Hair Therapy Brush

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      HAIRGLOW Hair Therapy Brush

      Revitalize Your Hair and Scalp with HAIRGLOW Hair Therapy Brush!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐  You won’t be disappointed I haven’t put any oil in it. I just apply it to my head and use the brush and massager to brush in after it. It is so comfortable especially around the neck with the different vibrations. Great product definitely recommend it!  
      -Nora M.

      Advanced Light Therapy

      Red and blue light therapy options cater to various hair and scalp needs. The red light stimulates hair growth and improves blood circulation, while the blue light helps reduce scalp inflammation and irritation. Experience the transformation of healthier, stronger hair and a soothed, balanced scalp.

      Ultrasonic Spray for Precise Application

      The HAIRGLOW Hair Therapy Brush features an ultrasonic spray function, delivering up to 20ml of liquid directly to your hair shaft. This precise application ensures that your serums and nutrient solutions are evenly distributed, enhancing the effectiveness of your hair treatments. Enjoy a seamless integration of advanced technology and convenience in your daily hair care routine.

      Soothing Electric Scalp Massage

      With three 10000/min high-frequency vibration massage modes, the HAIRGLOW Hair Therapy Brush provides a soothing scalp massage that enhances blood circulation and relaxes your scalp. This massage helps distribute the applied liquids more effectively and provides a relaxing experience, making hair care a delightful part of your day.


      ✔️Easy Button Controls On/off, light switch, and massage mode buttons.

      ✔️Ultrasonic Spray Evenly applies up to 20ml of liquid.

      ✔️Hair Oil Applicator Precise, vibrating liquid application.

      ✔️Rechargeable Battery Long-lasting, USB Type-C chargeable.

      ✔️3-Layer Safety Protection Prevents accidental shocks.

      ✔️Ergonomic Design Comfortable and user-friendly.



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