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    LUMIWOOD Portable Home Lights

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    LUMIWOOD Portable Home Lights

    Introducing LUMIWOOD Portable Home Lights by Irish Supply—innovative lighting solutions on-the-go. Discover the perfect blend of style and convenience with these portable lights, designed to elevate your home ambiance. Explore LUMIWOOD's versatility and sophistication today.

    Beautiful Magnetic Torch Lamps For Every Household

    Searching for exquisite lamps to make your home better lit and make night bathroom runs less challenging?

    Then you’ll love the LUMOS magnetic lamps! They come with two magnetic bases that you can place on both ends of the stairs.

    Now you finally have a quick & easy go-to solution during power outages and fridge or bathroom roundabouts at night!

    Climb Up & Down Stairs Safer At Night

    Tired of using your phone as a flashlight at home?

    Simply install a magnetic LUMOS holder at the top & the base of your staircase!

    Best of all, they’re motion-activated, so they’ll shine the moment you approach them, then shut off automatically when you hang them and leave.

    Best Go-To Solution During Power Outages

    Whether you experience frequent outages or just want your kids to feel safer in case the power runs out, look no further than the LUMOS home lamps!

    They’re super easy to use and motion-triggered, so kids love them! That’s why thousands of our customers usually order multiple, for their entire household.

    So if you want to elevate your living space with these unique lights, click Buy Now and order LUMOS Home Lamps with a bundle discount to SAVE BIG while supplies last!

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