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    FIXMASTER Heals Household Ceramics

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    FIXMASTER Heals Household Ceramics

    Your go-to Solution for Various Broken Household Ceramics Repair Needs!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’ve repaired a cracked microwave handle, a cracked floor tile, a crack in my counter top and a chip on my stove! Seriously good product! And saved me the expense of having professionals here to replace and repair things."
    - Liam O. 

    Long-lasting Repairs for Various Surfaces

    FixMaster Heals Household Ceramics is the ultimate solution for repairing ceramic tiles, floor or wall tiles in damp areas. The super sticky repair paste is specially formulated to deeply penetrate gaps and create durable bonds. Its versatility extends beyond ceramics; you can also use it as an adhesive on glass, ceramic, enamel, fiberglass, metal, plastic, stone, marble, and numerous hard plastics. This product addresses the pain points of unreliable fixes, ensuring your repairs stand the test of time and damp conditions.

    User-Friendly Application Process

    With FixMaster Heals Household Ceramics, repairing ceramic tiles and other materials becomes a breeze. The simple and easy-to-follow instructions ensure that anyone can achieve professional-grade repairs. Start by cleaning the damaged areas thoroughly, then mix the A and B adhesive in a 1:1 ratio. Allow the mixture to set for 5-10 minutes before applying it to the affected areas. After a waiting period of 24-36 hours, your repairs will be rock-solid and ready to withstand everyday use. The included sandpaper helps you achieve a smooth and uniform finish, ensuring your repairs blend seamlessly with the rest of the surface.

    Wide Range of Applications

    FixMaster Heals Household Ceramics is a versatile solution for a myriad of repair needs. From broken basins and ceramic tiles to leaking toilets, cracked aquariums, bathtub holes, and even mending broken ceramic or glass cracks, this product covers it all. Its ability to work on various surfaces and materials makes it a must-have tool for every household.

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    ✔️ Deeply Absorbing Repair Paste

    ✔️ Super Sticky for Strong Adhesion

    ✔️ Versatile Application on Various Materials 


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