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      HydroZen - Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

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      HydroZen - Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

      Experience the Power of Hydrogen-Rich Water On-The-Go

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I used to struggle with fatigue probably because of my immune system, but since drinking water from this bottle, I can confidently say noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I really appreciate this product. Thanks
      - Chloe S.

      3 Minutes is all it takes for the HydroZen to improve water quality! 

      Here’s how: The HydroZen utilities advanced water electrolysis technology to generate a high concentration of hydrogen-rich water. This purifies the water of chlorine, lead and other harmful toxins found in household tap water. These toxins affect ones well-being on a daily basis without us even knowing it! Invest in your health and enjoy toxin-free water every day.

      Improved Water Quality

      With toxin-free water you're effectively supporting the metabolism while also strengthening the immune system which addresses common health concerns. Additionally, it effectively resolves issues of residual hydrogen and oxygen after electrolysis, ensuring safer and healthier drinking water.

      Portable Rechargeable Design

      Crafted from durable high borosilicate glass, our 420ML Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle is designed for portability and convenience. Rechargeable via USB, it allows for water electrolysis to produce a high concentration of hydrogen gas, providing access to hydrogen-rich water wherever you go.

      Rapid Hydrogen Production

      Experience rapid hydrogen production with a mere 3-minute process. As the hydrogen generator works, a soothing blue light illuminates, indicating the production of small bubbles. Once hydrogen production is complete, the bottle automatically shuts down, ensuring ease of use.


      ✔️ High borosilicate glass construction for durability and safety

      ✔️ USB rechargeable design for convenience

      ✔️ 3-minute hydrogen production time for quick access to toxin-free water

      ✔️ Cup cover buckle design for improved sealing and easy operation

      ✔️ Stable and non-slip base with EVE pad for added safety

      📦 Package Includes

      1 x HydroZen Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

      1 x HydroZen USB Line

      1 x HydroZen Manual


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