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    HAMMYTALK Interactive Talking Hamster Toy

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    HAMMYTALK Interactive Talking Hamster Toy

    Bring Joy to Your World with HAMMYTAL - The Interactive Talking Hamster Toy!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great fun!! These really got my grandbaby talking!! We all have fun talking to Hammy!!"
    - Deborah H.

    Endless Fun and Laughter

    HAMMYTALK mimics everything you say in its own critter voice. It's a hilarious and entertaining companion that can speak any language. For better recording quality, speak close to the toy and use shorter sentences.

    Engaging Alternative to Electronic Games

    Provide a healthy alternative to electronic and video games, ensuring your kids will have fun in a wholesome way. As it engages in conversation, the hamster joyfully shakes its chubby body and responds to your touch. Its head moves up and down automatically, adding to the interactive experience.

    Supports Independent Play

    The electronic hamster captivates your children's attention, giving them the freedom to focus on their own tasks and activities. Also encourages creativity and provides personal time.

    These adorable companions not only talk and sing with infants, but they also bring boundless joy through their interactive features, making playtime an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Get ready for endless giggles and heartwarming moments with this enchanting duo!


    ✔️ Talk back function for mimicking your voice

    ✔️ Charming shaking and head movement while responding

    ✔️ Easy operation and battery-powered convenience

    ✔️ Simply switch it on and start talking!

    ✔️ Requires 3 AAA batteries (battery not included)

    ✔️ We recommend removing the batteries if storing the toy for an extended period


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