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      INVISSHIELD 30G Transparent Waterproof Coating

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      INVISSHIELD 30G Transparent Waterproof Coating

      Experience Invisible, Durable Waterproofing with INVISSHIELD Transparent Coating

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great quality, no more leaks! It was milky white when I received it, but after applying it to the floor it became clear, dries fast, no odor at all I highly recommend it!  
      -Martin O.

      Practical and High-Quality Protection

      The INVISSHIELD Transparent Waterproof Coating is a water-based, high-quality sealant that offers permanent bonding through multiple overlapping layers. This invisible waterproof adhesive forms a thin, durable film providing excellent insulation against air, water, and moisture. It ensures long-lasting roof waterproofing, saving you time, cost, and labor by establishing a protective layer that withstands weather conditions.

      Easy and Versatile Application

      Using the INVISSHIELD Transparent Waterproof Adhesive is convenient and versatile. Ensure thorough mixing before use, then apply by brushing, rolling, wiping, dipping, or pouring. Its self-leveling formula smoothly covers and penetrates small gaps and cracks, providing effective sealing. This easy application method ensures a uniform adhesion, making it perfect for various surfaces and situations.

      Long-Lasting and Quick-Drying

      INVISSHIELD features quick-drying ingredients for easy plastering, repair, and sealing. A waterproof layer forms within 24-48 hours and strengthens over time, ensuring a powerful, long-lasting effect. This quick and efficient drying process helps maintain the integrity of your surfaces, providing peace of mind even in the harshest weather conditions.



      ✔️Practical and high-quality water-based sealant

      ✔️Easy to apply using various methods

      ✔️Quick-drying for long-lasting waterproofing

      ✔️Suitable for various surfaces and applications

      ✔️Invisible finish for seamless protection

      ✔️Weather-resistant and durable



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      📦 Package Includes

      1 x 30G INVISSHIELD Transparent Waterproof Coating 
      1 x Brush