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    SLANA Chewing Toys

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    SLANA Chewing Toys

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is the perfect toy for the family dog as I always give her the bone when I leave for work which keeps her busy when I'm gone, the fact its good for her teeth and stops her from chewing the couch or sandals is a lifesaver!
    - Sam T.

    We understand how aggravating it is when your dog chews on your belongings but you’ll find that its not entirely their fault. 


    When dogs chew household objects this is a sign of anxiety, stress and frustration. Dogs mental health is often not taken into account but with the Slana toy your dog will remain calm and relaxed with being occupied and happy for hours on end! Besides, owners don't deserve to have their belongings chewed by their best friend.


    1 in 4 dogs have dental health issues leading to oral pain. Dogs clean their teeth by chewing and biting, the question is whether what their chewing and biting is good for their teeth. luckily the Slana is a toy which supports oral health with healthy ingredients and materials ensuring healthy teeth! Reduce the risk of future potential vet bills. 


    Whether your dogs young, old, small or big the Slana is suitable for all furry friends out there! The material of PU leather is a soft yet sturdy material to handle all biting and chewing. A long lasting toy with a delicious scent means they'll have a new favourite item!

    SLANA Features:

    ✓ Virtually indestructible

    ✓ Nylon + PU Build

    ✓ Kanine Teeth Cleansing

    Give Your Dog His New Favourite Toy & Save Big With
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    ✓ Support Doggy Mental Health

    ✓ Support Doggy Oral Health 

    ✓ Suitable For All Ages And Breeds


    By purchasing SLANA by Irish Supply, you're buying domestically. That's why you'll enjoy all the benefits of domestic shopping: 

    - FREE expedited shipping (tracking included)

    - 14 Days no questions asked return policy 

    - Dedicated 24/7 customer service to address all queries