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    ELECTROCLEAN Effortless Cleaning Powerhouse

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    ELECTROCLEAN Effortless Cleaning Powerhouse

    Revolutionise Your Hand Brushing Routine with the Innovative ELECTROCLEAN that Erase Dirt Like Magic

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I used this product for my sofa cleaning purpose and i found satisfactory results. The speed of product is ok in order to have no damage to cloth. I used other attachment for cleaning switch board and found better cleaning than normal cloth cleaning. Handy to use and efficient in working. Speeds up cleaning. I highly recommend."
    - Sean O. 

    Rechargeable & Powerful

    Say goodbye to tiresome cleaning sessions! The ELECTROCLEAN spin scrubber features a robust 2000mAh rechargeable battery that ensures uninterrupted cleaning for 60-90 minutes on a single charge. The advanced leakage protection technology guarantees safe and efficient charging. With a rapid 450 revolutions per minute (r/min) speed, you can effortlessly remove stubborn stains and grime, making your cleaning tasks more effective and enjoyable.

    Portable & Cordless

    Experience the freedom of movement while cleaning! The cordless design of the ELECTROCLEAN spin scrubber eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and restricted movement. Its ergonomic silicone grip provides a firm hold, even in wet conditions, making it suitable for anyone, including children. This lightweight and user-friendly device transforms your house-cleaning routine into an easy and efficient task

    Durable & Safe

    Invest in a cleaning tool that combines durability and safety! Crafted from premium ABS material, the ELECTROCLEAN spin scrubber is both lightweight and long-lasting. Enjoy peace of mind with leakage protection and over-voltage protection, ensuring the safety of users of all ages. This powerhouse of a cleaning tool is not only practical for your home but also makes for a thoughtful gift for family and friends.


    ✔️ Rechargeable 2000mAh Battery

    ✔️ Rapid 450r/min (per minute) Speed

    ✔️ Cordless & Lightweight


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    📦 Package Includes

    1 x ELECTROCLEAN Effortless Cleaning Powerhouse

    1 x Sponge Brush Head

    1 x Nylon Brush Head

    1 x Cashmere Brush 

    1 x Sticky Hook

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