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    LUXELOFT Orthopedic Butterfly Pillow

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    LUXELOFT Orthopedic Butterfly Pillow

    Sleep Soundly with the LUXELOFT Orthopedic Butterfly Pillow

    When was the last time you experienced deep sleep? 

    Without deep sleep, you’ll experience more headaches, brain fog and a lower tolerance to stress. The Luxeloft™ is here to change that. 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “"I've been struggling with neck pain for years and I've tried so many pillows, but the luxeloft pillow definitely works the best. This pillow has completely changed my sleeping experience and also my life. I feel so much better when I wake up in the morning. I hardly ever wake up feeling stiff, sore or tired anymore. I recommend this product"
    - Mary Barry

    Optimal Spinal Alignment

    If you have a sore neck, we’re 99% sure it's because of your pillow, why? Your pillow does not align your spine in the correct position, whereas the Luxeloft™ pillow does. Memory foam contours your body shape and improves posture for healthier sleep.

    The Value of Deep Sleep 

    Recent studies show more than 2 in 3 adults in Europe do not experience enough deep sleep every night. The problem is not with getting enough sleep; it's not enough deep sleep. Deep sleep allows you to feel refreshed in the morning because it repairs and strengthens the immune system, which is absolutely crucial. Without deep sleep, you're more prone to experience headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and lower tolerance to stress. The LUXELOFT pillow is here to support your health with deep sleep.

    Combat Snoring 

    A snoring husband or wife is probably the most common cause of restless nights! With perfect spinal alignment means a stronger flow of breathing, an orthopedic pillow is your best bet for a solution. 

    Continuous Support

    Anti-apnea orthopedic design reduces turns during sleep. Prevents deformation for long-lasting comfort. 

    Premium Quality

    Ultra-soft bamboo fiber cover & polyester cotton blend fabric with breathable jersey.


    ✔️ Three curves at required angles and heights

    ✔️ Washable zippered pillowcase 

    ✔️ Available in six different velvet fabric covers

    ✔️ Slow rebound memory foam prevents deformation

    ✔️ 50cm x 30cm sized pillow

    ✔️ Anti-static travel pillow for stress, headache, and neck pain relief


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