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      PRISTINE Mini Projector 1080p

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      PRISTINE Mini Projector 1080p

      Have you ever wanted a cinema experience in your bedroom? The PRISTINE Projector turns that fantasy into reality!

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “All I can say is this product is pretty damn awesome. I love watching YouTube while I'm in bed in the evenings, the screen size and quality is impressive. Twice as big as my TV and now I hardly use it really. Thanks Irish.  ”
      - GEORGE E.


      Could you imagine watching Youtube, social media, playing games, or enjoying any platform on your mobile device but on an 80-inch projector? Sounds pretty amazing right?! Blow up any content you enjoy when connected to your device turning your room into a private cinema. The global average television screen size is 45.2 inches meaning with the Pristine Projector you’ll have an experience most households dream of. Especially when you consider the cost of expensive televisions. 


      With the Pristine™ Projector projecting 80 inches of screen size you may be thinking, how good is the quality? You’ll be pleased to know the Pristine™ uses a powerful 1000-lumen lamp projection ensuring the content you’re watching is delivered at a high standard. Proving to be a valuable device customer are destined to appreciate. 


      Imagine a cinema experience while you’re having a bath. Or outdoors? Or wherever you wish! With the Pristine™ Projector’s portable function, you’ll enjoy location freedom with your entertainment. Both sources of Android or iOS are compatible with the Pristine™ Projector. As well as gaming sources of PC, Mac, Playstation, and Xbox. A device that connects to them all! 


      Rising residential energy costs in Ireland have led to households to be more cautious and mindful of their energy consumption. The PRISTINE Projector combats this issue with more than 2000 hours in a lifetime! Rest assured when using this gem of a device. 

      PRISTINE Features:

      1000 Lumen Projection Brightness

      Remote Control Included 

      80 Inch Projector 

      Enjoy The Benefits Of Owning PRISTINE Projector:

      Turn Any Location Into A Cinema

      Project High-Quality Content From Any Source

      Enjoy A Well Lit Viewing Experience

      Portable and Compatible With Any Device 



      By purchasing PRISTINE Projector by Irish Supply, you're buying domestically. That's why you'll enjoy all the benefits of domestic shopping: 

      - FREE expedited shipping (tracking included)

      - 14 Days no questions asked return policy 

      - Dedicated 24/7 customer service to address all queries