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      Premium Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot

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      Premium Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot

      Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot For Easy & Clean Oil! 

      It is the perfect draining tool for people who hate wasting cooking oil. Using it, you can easily filter it from the food, preserve it until next time, and precisely pour it on the next dish.

      It is made to make reusing oils as easy as possible that is why its design guarantees convenience, easy cleaning and longevity for the integrity of the pot.

      No particles can move through the filter to leave you with oil in a perfect condition for cooking. You’ll be able to reuse the oil as much as you’d like without influencing the flavor!

      1.3L Stainless Steel Oil Strainer Pot Container " A must have for your kitchen"

      • Nothing goes to waste- You don’t have to waste the oils inside foods when you can extract and store them for the next cooking.
      • No particles persist- Even the tiniest particles are filtered out by the mesh to leave nothing but pure fluids inside!

      • Forever at your side- It is easy to grip and never to slip. Cleaning it off takes a bit of soap, you can preserve it for many years to come.
      • The ultimate choice- Reusing the oil for later is so easy when you have a pot that can easily drain it and preserve it for the next time!


      1. Removable Lid which will stop the dust falling into the oil keeps your cooking oil clean. 

      2. Removable fine mesh strainer to separate bits and pieces from the oil. 

      3. 1.3L capacity with heatproof and non-skid handle and lid. 

      4. Non-stick coating inside and outside.

      5. Specially designed drip to stop oil dripping down the side of the pot. 6. Anti-slip tray prevents oil spillage onto the counter.

      Trayfill-Oil Filter Pot™

      Material: Food grade stainless steel
      Capacity: 1.4L
      Size: About 11.3x12.5x12cm

      1* Oil Filter Pot