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    EARVIEW Camera LED Light Wireless Otoscope Ear Cleaning Kit

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    EARVIEW Camera LED Light Wireless Otoscope Ear Cleaning Kit

    Discover a Clearer View of Your Ear Health with the EARVIEW Ear Cleaning Kit

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Perfect! Don't forget to log in to the device by Wi-Fi. It works great and I found a big chunk that I pulled out! Very strange feeling so far into the ear, and don't go too far. Working well!"
    - Alan G.

    Cotton Swabs is Damaging Your Hearing

    While it may seem like a good idea to use a cotton swab to remove the excess earwax, the opposite is actually true. The cotton tip of a Q-tip can push earwax and other foreign objects further into the ear canal, potentially leading to painful blockages and even permanent damage to our delicate hearing system. Additionally, if you insert the cotton tip too far into the ear, you risk damaging the delicate tissues of the ear canal, including the eardrum.

    Earview Smart Otoscope cleaning kit

    An intelligent gyroscope ensures stable and accurate positioning for safe and effective ear cleaning. Advanced video encoding technology for hand-eye synchronization. This makes it a safer and more effective option compared to traditional cotton swabs. It's perfect for the whole family, including elderly, adults, and children.

    With the Earview Otoscope Cleaning kit, we can enjoy clean and healthy ears without any of the risks associated with using cotton swabs. With a built-in LED light, this makes it easy for us to see what we're cleaning, giving us peace of mind that our ears are in good hands. The app works with all Android and iOS devices. 


    ✔️ App compatible will all android and iOS devices 

    ✔️ Fast WiFi visual connection

    ✔️ Optical lenses and high-power pixels

    ✔️ Built-in 350mAh high-capacity battery

    ✔️ Can be used by children over the age of three and adults

    ✔️ Ear-digging head buckle, overheating ear-digging protection, timing automatic shutdown, child lock, and anti-frost protection

    ✔️ Smart thermostat control to prevent hypothermia from burning ears

    ✔️ Otoscope: 22°C non-sensing temperature and Ear tip body: palm temperature 32°C

    ✔️ IP67 waterproof mirror for use in dry or oily environments


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