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    AQUASTRIDE Outdoor Swimming Shoes

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    AQUASTRIDE Outdoor Swimming Shoes

    Dive into Adventure with AQUASTRIDE Outdoor Swimming Shoes!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These are great! I have eczema so was feeling embarrassed at the idea of having my feet on display while at the beach or at a water park, as well as thinking it'd be unhygienic to do so for other people. These shoes were great for that, they have insoles so they still function as normal shoes, but they're lightweight and you can remove the insoles when going into a pool. I took these into a wave pool in a water park and they barely even affected my ability to swim."
    - Damian O.

    Unmatched Comfort

    Our AQUASTRIDE shoes feature a flexible and quick-dry outer fabric, made of lightweight and breathable lycra material. This ensures a comfortable fit, allowing your feet to breathe while providing excellent salt and wear resistance. Experience ultimate comfort as you conquer the water!

    Superior Drainage System

    With a flexible top and 6 drainage holes on each bottom, our AQUASTRIDE shoes offer a double drainage system. These specially designed features allow water to quickly drain from the soles while preventing sand from entering. Say goodbye to soggy shoes and enjoy a hassle-free swimming experience.

    Enhanced Protection

    We've upgraded our AQUASTRIDE shoes to provide optimal protection for your feet. The honeycomb insole design offers a cooler and healthier indoor environment, while the anti-collision design protects your toes during any movement. Stay safe and confident knowing your feet are well-guarded in and out of the water.


    ✔️ Flexible & Quick Dry Outer Fabric

    ✔️ Flexible and Double Drainage System

    ✔️ Upgraded Insole & Toe Protection

    ✔️ Durable & Anti-Slip

    ✔️ Elastic Straps


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    1 x AQUASTRIDE Outdoor Swimming Shoes