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    HANGEZ Picture Hanging Adhesive Clear Strips

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    HANGEZ Picture Hanging Adhesive Clear Strips

    Hang Your Pictures Effortlessly with HANGEZ Clear Adhesive Strips

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We had a very large but lightweight canvas to put up. It was so light it could have hung from a couple of drawing pins...but the issue was that the frame was slightly twisted. Using this strip method of hanging meant the picture was flat to the wall...perfect. The hardest thing was ensuring the picture was straight before securing it to the wall but I could have pulled off the picture leaving one-half of the strip and levelled it up."
    - Anita

    Damage-Free Hanging

    Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls with HANGEZ Adhesive Strips. Easy to apply, no need for nails, screws, or drills with HANGEZ.

    Strong and Versatile

    Holds up to 2 pounds of weight with HANGEZ. Works on a variety of surfaces including painted walls, finished wood, glass, tile, and metal.

    Convenient and Reusable

    Removes cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue. Rehang your pictures easily by applying a replacement HANGEZ Adhesive Strip.


    ✔️ Clear hooks and strips that blend in seamlessly with the decor

    ✔️ Medium size

    ✔️ Easy to apply and remove

    ✔️ Efficient flat pack format

    ✔️ Perfect for hanging accessories such as towels, jewellery, and jackets without nails or a hammer


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