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    TWISTROOT Weed Remover

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    TWISTROOT Weed Remover


    Great weed puller for my bad back, the handle is long so I can pull weeds standing upright. The spring mechanism is strong, rotates the root and pulls the weed right out. Makes it much easier to maintain my garden! 



    - Sean O'N


    No More Bending Over

    It’s like a rule—most weeds grow exactly where you don’t want them to. Yet, constantly bending over to pull out all those nasty weeds growing in your garden, around your walkway, and over your lawn can be very tiring and frustrating.

    TWISTROOM lets you pull weeds right out of the ground while standing up straight, swiftly, and effortlessly!

    Remove Weeds In Seconds 

    - TWISTROOT’s pulling mechanism rotates powerfully when you shove the prongs around the weed, and push down the handle at the top, efficiently tearing out the roots of dandelions, chickweed, and other common garden weeds!

    No More Annoying Weeds 

    - Pulling out all those weeds with your hands doesn’t only damage your palms, but goes hard on your back, too. TWISTROOT features a super long handle to let you effortlessly operate it from an upright position!

    Sturdy, Yet Lightweight

    - Made of durable aluminum alloy and tough ABS plastic, with a steel spring mechanism, TWISTROOT is a lightweight, high-quality weed puller that will last you for years.


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    TWISTROOT Summary:

    ✔️ Remove Weeds In Seconds

    ✔️ Twist-Pulling Mechanism

    ✔️ Powerful Prangs Rotate the Root

    ✔️ Lightweight, Sturdy Aluminium + ABS Build

    ✔️ Steel Spring Mechanism

    ✔️ Ultimate Plant Root Remover


    NOTICE: We’re receiving more & more orders - we’re doing our best, but the TWISTROOT weed pullers are selling out at record speeds!


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