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      SAFEZONE Panic Alarm Keychain

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      SAFEZONE Panic Alarm Keychain

      The statistics of Ireland's crime reveal an overall increase of 75% across most offences of kidnapping, assault, theft and so on compared to the previous time period- The Irish World. 

      The spike of crime in Ireland has been alarming citizens, not everybody has access to a weapon or pepper spray at all times… But they do have access to our powerful portable alarm- Garda Siochana approved.

      Stay Safe Anytime, Anywhere with the SAFEZONE Panic Alarm Keychain

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I bought this for my daughter as she’s still in secondary school and gets home late. Bought one for myself too just incase, fits nicely on the keychain. Alarm is damn loud, will definitely get attention when out and about."
      - Miriam G. 

      Feel Confident and Protected 

      Invest in yours and your families protection to combat dangerous situations by acting quickly with a powerful 130DB alarm siren and bright LED light, guaranteed to attract attention and deter threats. Giving you peace of mind in high-risk situations. 

      Dual Feature With LED Light

      During high-risk situations the alarm going off alarms noise however, how would anyone be able to precisely locate where you are? With the SafeZone alarm a built in LED light ensures attention and location of danger is pinpointed. 

      Suitable for People of All Ages

      Our portable alarm device is suitable for all ages who need potential assistance such as the elderly, this way they're able to effectively alert others when help is needed in emergency situations. 


      ✔  Made of durable ABS-materials

      ✔  130db alarm sound

      ✔  LED lights for low-light conditions

      ✔  Portable and easy to attach to bags, keys, or belts

      ✔  Suitable for people of all ages and activities


      By purchasing SAFEZONE Police Approved SOS Panic Alarm Keychain by Irish Supply, you're buying domestically. That's why you'll enjoy all the benefits of domestic shopping:

      🚚  FREE expedited shipping (tracking included)

      🤝 14 Days no questions asked return policy

       📩 Dedicated 24/7 customer service to address all queries