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    CLIMA Portable Air Conditioner

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    CLIMA Portable Air Conditioner

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “OMG, this thing is a life saver! The summers here get so hot that I can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t even breathe. So when I got this portable air conditioner, it was amazing because no matter where I go in the house, I can always maintain the same temperature around me. A life saver, I tell you!”

    - Jessica E.

    Say Goodbye To The Heat & Enjoy The Perfect Temperature Anywhere & Everywhere

    Is the heat making your life difficult? You should be enjoying the summer, but you’re melting away when you’re at home? Well, you’re definitely not the only one!

    But with this efficient portable air conditioner, you’ll be in your own climate zone, no matter where you choose to plug it in.

    Introducing CLIMA, an air conditioner, you can quickly move wherever you need. It will not only make the temperature around you precisely the one you want but will also humify the air to chill you out!


    Designed to be as compact as modern engineering allows, CLIMA helps you cool down even on the hottest days. And more importantly, its miniature size lets you take it anywhere, no matter where you want to spend your time, be it a place in your home or even your automobile!


    It’s common knowledge that dry air is bad for people. Ailments like asthma & bronchitis, along with numerous skin conditions, are all caused by dry air. So, to combat this, CLIMA humidifies the air around us, helping us stay safe and chill.


    Sleeping difficulties are a frequent problem in the summer. That’s why the designers of CLIMA made sure that you can enjoy a refreshing breeze even at night by making CLIMA completely silent. To add function, an RGB light that changes up to 10 colours is integrated into it, so you’d be able to relax even more during your evenings.

    CLIMA Features:

    ✓ Compact & Sturdy Body

    ✓ 700ml Water Basin For Humidifying 

    ✓ RGB light & Silent Operating

    ✓ Brings Cool Air Anywhere You Go

    ✓ Humidifies Dry Air To Prevent Ailments

    ✓ Provides Silent Cooling & Colorful Light

    1 x CLIMA Portable Air Conditioner

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