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    CARRYFRESH Portable Blender

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    CARRYFRESH Portable Blender

    “OMG, this thing is so convenient! I always wanted fresh juice available exactly when I wanted it, but man, oh man, not even in my childhood health fantasies did I suppose it’ll be this fresh. You just fill it with any fruit you’d like, and when you want to have a refreshing drink - just let it do its blending magic and enjoy your juice. And incredibly, it looks like a premium brand’s bottle when it’s premium all in itself!”

    - Erin R. 

    Say Goodbye To Buying Expensive Processed Juice
    Make Your Own On The Go Easily & Stylishly

    Are you tired of waiting in line at juice stores to get fruit juice? And even when you get it, it’s overpriced? Well, you’re not the only one!

    But with this incredibly designed portable juice maker, you’ll easily carry your fruit, ready to become 100% natural juice at any moment!

    CARRYFRESH is a clean-and-crisp bottle-shaped juicer, easy to recharge and easy to clean. Stylistically impeccable, with a premium feel, it helps you enjoy your juices & smoothies just the way you like them!


    Besides having an incredibly crisp premium design, CARRYFRESH gives you the possibility of making fruit juice from ingredients you hand-picked yourself. Not only do you choose the content of your blend, but the exact moment when you’ll make it too!


    In today’s day and age, design is an integral part of our everyday enjoyment. That’s why CARRYFRESH was designed in line with the latest trends and built with premium quality components. Not only will it look amazing, but it’ll also last incredibly long!


    Sometimes we stay out and about longer than we supposed we will. Even then, CARRYFRESH and its long-lasting battery will enable you to blend up to 15 juices. And when you need it charged, just put it on its stand, and a one-hour charge will have you blending fresh juices without a hassle!

    CARRYFRESH Features:

    ✓ Premium Design & Build

    ✓ Quick Wireless Charging

    ✓ Double Blade For Better Blending

    Make Fresh Juice Anytime & Save 50% with FREE Expedited Shipping

    ✓ Make Fresh Juices On The Go

    ✓ Enjoy Premium Quality & Beautiful Design

    ✓ Blend Up To 15 Juices On a Single Charge

    1 x CARRYFRESH Portable Blender

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