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      Pots Round Edge Funnel

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      Pots Round Edge Funnel

      Duckbill Pots Round Edge Funnel is a must-have for home-cooking gourmets, acting as both a funnel and stainer for stocks and soup. The soft-sided tool grips onto any size pot to guide liquids into smaller containers.

      Duckbill Pots Round Edge Funnel – comfybear


      • UNIQUE DESIGN: Bright yellow, silicone ducky beak slides onto the side of a saucepan, pot, or bowl so that you can drain foods right from the pot while reducing content spill, and guide liquids into smaller containers with ease.
      • A HANDY KITCHEN HELPER: This funnel will attach snugly to most pots, bowls, or pans for easy, no fuss straining, quick, and easy. The pour spout helps to pour the water, soup, oil from bowls, pans, pots to prevent messy spills.
      • BPA-FREE: Duckbill Pots Round Edge Funnel is made of durable silicone. Construction is food safe and easy to clean. Durable heat-safe silicone.
      • GREAT FOR SERVING HOT SOUPS: Duckbill Pots Round Edge Funnel is not just for straining, the heat-safe material makes this duck spout perfect for pouring steaming bowls of soup without having to fumble with a ladle.


      • Item Type: Kitchen Tools
      • Materials: Silicone
      • Color: Yellow, Gray